Rebecca Laumann


Christian Johnson

Rebecca Laumann and Christian Johnson

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Our Story

Back in March of 2015, Christian and Rebecca were both searching through online dating profiles when Rebecca saw Christian's profile and his commentary that he was looking for serious conversations only. Both insist they were the first one to send a message. After a few conversations, they knew they had to meet in Bethlehem for some Thai food (their favorite). Rebecca wanted to make a good impression so she risked life and limb and wore what Christian referred to as her leprechaun heels which forced her to awkwardly jump around to avoid falling into snowdrifts during the icy March weather. Conversation with each other during dinner was easy. Christian brought a bottle of local wine from Alba to impress Rebecca. (It worked like a charm. She thought he was very cultured, and cute.) While drinking beer afterwards Christian asked if there was going to be a second date. Rebecca said yes, obviously, and they never looked back, not even when she was creeped out by his unsettlingly accurate impression of Bill Clinton or when Christian experienced Latino time up close and personal. (It's a real thing, she swears)

Over the next two and a half years while they enjoyed great food, great times, and wonderful laughter together they knew they had something special. In December of 2017, while at Longwood Gardens for the Christmas exhibition, Christian asked her to marry him in front of her parents. Rebecca's dad said finally and Rebecca's mom said yes, which was a good sign. Christian dropped the ring but fortunately it did not fall into the nearby moat. (Phew)

They are thrilled for their special day and look forward to sharing it with you.
Jill Means